Raymonde Samyn

Inspired by her paternal grandmother, Cathy wanted to pay tribute to this fantastic woman, generous and courageous with whom she will have spent a big part of her weekends and holidays during her childhood. She has fond memories of her as a happy, caring and, especially, sharing woman. Known locally as "Raymonde kitten", she will also pass on her passion for animals.

Raymonde, being the shyer of the two in the story, is often crushed by the charisma of Flore, and is usually forgotten about in the background, which does not really bother her and willingly leaves her sister as leader. Being very romantic, she is often with her head in the clouds or missing the point on many occasions, but will always be there to help others. In addition, Raymonde will always be a precious ally which Flore can always count on.

Flore Morflee

Inspired by her paternal great-grandmother, Cathy spent a lot of time listening to her grandmother's stories when she was young while her father visited her at her retirement home. Many people agree that they both share the same personality, which is not necessarily a compliment. It was a very difficult time for Cathy when Flore died at the age of 95 after an unfortunate accident.

The character of Flore is that of a woman of action who often goes head first into any situation, with the behaviour of a tomboy, which will sometimes shock the occasional interlocutors. When she has an idea in her head, she will go all the way to prove that she is right. Very attached to her sister, she would do anything to defend her and also took her under her wing after the death of their father. What will eventually become the beginning of their adventure as amateur detectives.

In the novel, although being twins, the two characters are extremely different in every aspect.